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Unlike everyone else who used Geocities, Tripod, or Angelfire, Sesshoumaru's Castle was first started in MSN Groups. It wasn't all set up like this, it was only intended for my friend and I. So, I started thinking to put up an actual site of Sesshoumaru. I picked Freewebs since they had more space and no ads for free acounts, which was absolutely heaven at the time. Although, I called it Sesshomaru's Castle and not Sesshoumaru's Castle.

I didn't really know HTML or CSS at the time either so, I picked one of the templates already made, make a background and that's when it started out. I had a counter and a guestbook and had little information about Sesshoumaru that I knew about. When I wasn't working on the site, I was playing a horse roleplaying site called Go Wild. It was the best ever, and still the best, horse roleplaying site I have ever joined. This is where I learned some HTML and CSS by looking at the people's layouts they created for their horses's or herd page.

I tinkered with some of it to make my own. I still do that now days to understand how to do a type of a layout since some tutorials are just way too confusing for me. This is how the first real layout came onto Sesshoumaru's Castle. I downloaded one already made of Sesshoumaru. Although, it didn't really fit the site's title since the name of the layout was "Killing Perfection," and there was already a Sesshoumaru site called that. I didn't want to appear as a stealer, which wasn't that huge back then, so, I did my first layout. It wasn't the best but, it worked.

I used some of the code from that layout to code all my layouts until the current version you see now. I wanted to make the site accessible for everyone and have validated the site (as much as I could) so that it could be accessible - even with images turned off as well as CSS.

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