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Name: Ah (Right head) and Un (Left head). They were named this by Rin.

Name Meanings: Yes, yes loosely in English

Nicknames: Ah-Un.

Species: Two-headed dragon yōkai.

Age: Unknown.

Identity: This is Rin's pet and Sesshomaru's help to get transported from once place to another. You could also say it's the babysitter of Rin since it watches her in the second season when Sesshomaru and Jaken go somehwere.

Personality: A brown looking dragon body while the 'mane' on them are black. The 'saddle' on their form is black with the trim red while the edges are lined with 'strings' of white, which are attached to the front of their chest. Did I also mention it's two headed?

Appearance: Lightning attacks from their mouth as well as flying.