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These are all stories in C2s at and Mixed means that there are just more than one pairing in that community. Even if there are a lot of communities for some pairings, remember that there can be the same stories in each OR there can be different ones. Just go one at a time. All I did was the put the title of the C2's or close to them.

I realize that there are newer ones out now. This list is more than two years old and I'm way too lazy to find the new ones.


We Are One
Silver and Black
Kagome and Sesshomaru FanFiction
sesskag all the way
The Perfect Couple
Sesshomaru and Kagome Forever
A Single Spark
Sesshoumaru and Kagome Most Reviewed Stories
Esto Perpetua
Sesshoumaru & Kagome Fiction Heaven
A SesshouKagome OneShot Complete Universe
Spicy and Talented
Sesshomaru and Kagome Universe
The Best of Sesshoumaru and Kagome Romances
Sesshoumaru and Kagome
The Best of SKs Completed
Sesshomaru and Kagome Fanfictions
Excellence: THe Best of SessKag
All about Sesshomaru and Kagome
Ice to Fire
kagome and sesshomaru
Sesshomaru & Kagome
Amber Sin
Killing Perfection
Hold on
Black Roses, Blue Dragons and...Purple Demons?
Alert! All SesshoumaruKagome fans!
Ai of the Moon
Sesshoumaru and Kagome Stories
Charmed hand picked SesshomaruKagome fics
The Miko and the Demon Lord
Black and White


Beyond the Story
Like Father & Daughter
Sesshoumaru and Rin: No mature ratings
Sesshy and Rin
Nonromantic SesshyRin!


The Lord and the Slayer
SesshomaruXSango forever and ever


Dreams of the Heart


Golden Eyes
The Best
Sesshomaru Dine in Cafe
The Unstoppable Demon Within
Behind The Lines...
Mystics Dreams Fantasies
Shards of the Heart