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Name: Kohakau

Name Meanings: Amber. It can also means topaz and the color of his armor is likely meant to reflect this.

Voiced by:
Alex Doduk(1st), Danny McKinnon(2nd)(English)
Rebecca Shoichet (Young; English)
Akiko Yajima (Japanese)

Species: Human.

Age: 11 (Age when he died.)

Identity: Sango's younger brother. He has been a servant for Naraku, who brought him back to life by putting a shard of the Shikon no Tama in his back.

Personality: Mainly, he was a little bit nervous facing the demons he would fight but-he's sweet and caring-like his sister.

Appearance: His bangs is styled almost like Kagome's and has a darkish-greenish feel to it-like it's dirty. He always wears it up in a ponytail and wears black and topaz colored looking armor while the cloth is mint.

Relation with Sesshoumaru: Well, he was at first with Naraku but Kagura helps him to escape. He joins Kikyou, believing traveling with her will be the only way to redeem himself, knowing full well that she may sacrifice his life to complete the Shikon Jewel to defeat Naraku. He still remains by her side until she tells him to seperate from her for fear of being unable to keep his shard pure. However, he is nearly captured by Byakuya and is saved by Sesshoumaru. He has now joined Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken and Ah-Un. How long? It's unknown. But, what about reviving him? Seshoumaru's mother told him he could not revive him back with Tenseiga because he was revived by the Shikon Jewel.