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Name: Rin

Name Meanings: Bringer of Light

Nicknames: Stupid girl and brat is what Jakan calls her sometimes.

Voiced by:
Breena O' Brien (English)
Noto Mamiko (Japanese)

Species: Human

Age: 7-8 years old.

Identity: A young human girl who's family was killed by bandits in front of her very eyes. I think she's in the 'good' or 'bad' character section. But to me, she is a good character and so is Sesshoumaru.

Personality: Caring, playful, energetic, and kind-hearted.

Appearance: Has ebony hair, brown eyes, small ponytail to the side, a orange and white checkered kimono and a green sash/tie/bow is around her waist, which Sesshoumaru bought for her instead of the shabby red kimono.

Relation with Sesshoumaru: At first, Rin was mute because she saw her family be killed in her very eyes by the wolves. We learn this information from the villagers and when Sesshoumaru was transported by Tenseiga, Rin goes to him and gives him water and food. He says "Go away" and "I don't eat human food" to her. Does this stop Rin? Nope. She goes and steals some fish from some fishermen but gets beaten up by them in result. When she put them by Sesshoumaru, he said "Where did you get those bruises?" Then there is a pause and he says, "I don't care, just curious." Uh huh, right. This cause Rin to smile a toothy smile and its very touching. Rin brings out Sesshoumaru's protective side. When she is waiting for him to return to her for three or four minutes, she starts to misse him already and can't wait for him to come and get her. I see them more in a father and daughter light.

  • Episode 162: In this episode, Rin is captured by a demon who entrances children with a flute and traps them in a cave to devour later. Rin seats herself with the other frightened children and calmly waits for Sesshoumaru to rescue her since she considers him more powerful than this demon and remembers that he comes every time she's in danger. She confesses to the children that she fears humans more than demons because humans kill for no reason, something the other children do not understand.

    Well, it just so happens that a traveling group of monks are bent on destroying all demons. Although, Rin says she wants to wait for Sesshoumaru, the leader, and most powerful of the monks, begins to carry her off with them by force. Rin struggles and calls out for Sesshoumaru, who is concealed in the surrounding forest and it is not clear if it is his intention to intervene or if he means to allow the monks to take Rin with them believing that she would be better off living among humans.

    When he hears Rin call out for him, he decides to reveal his prescence to him. Of course, the monks being stupid and having too much pride, try to destory Sesshoumaru using the same technique they used on the demon that were stealing the children which is the subordinate monks encircle Sesshoumaru, removing rosaries of sutra beads from their kimonos to hold as they cast paper sutras at them. The leader uses the focus stone on his staff to send purifying energy to the various sutras. However, since Sesshoumaru is a taiyoukai, he possesses far greater powers than any other demon the monks have faced, he is still standing when the smoke clears being unharmed and irritated.

    Undeterred, the leader orders his monks to bind his legs as Sesshoumaru begins to walk towards him and the captive Rin in his arms. The other monks surround him and encircle Sesshoumaru in a barrier, symbolized by blue flames in a ring on the ground at Sesshoumaru's feet. The leader firmly plants his staff in the ground, which activates the purifying energy of the barrier, while Sesshoumaru, at this point, begins to loose his tamper and places his hand upon Tokijin's hilt. But, when a surge of from the leader's own purification powers through the focus stone at Sesshoumaru, he releases Tokjin's hilt. His rage is so great that he begins to transform, his hair all jaggedy, as well as the strips, his teeth become pointed-the whole enchilada. The moment before his transformation, his full yoki at his command, he uses it to shatter the focus stone at the head of the leader's staff. The explosion following afterward also destorys the monks' sutra bead roasaries and knocks the monks from their feet, including the leader, and frees Rin from his grip.

    Rin runs toward Sesshoumaru but the leader calls out to her, telling her that she belongs with humans, tha a demon like Sesshoumaru doesn't care about her. Rin remembers Jaken telling her that she will eventually die, and likely long before Sesshoumaru establishes the empire he is bent on creating. Sesshoumaru turns his back to the scene and tells Rin to do what she wishes. Rin hesitates and the leader thinks he has saved her but, she simply smiles warmly, waves fareewll and runs off after Sesshoumaru. Once they rejoin Jaken, Rin spots a lonely grave along their path and sweetly asks Sesshoumaru not to forget her if she should die. Sesshoumaru's only response is an expression of surprise and utters the words: "Such a foolish thing...". It has been said that this means that Sesshoumaru considers such a request foolish, because he could never forget Rin.

  • Chapter 467-471 - Rin and Kohaku (who has joined Sesshoumaru's group when he was saved by the demon lord) are taken by the "Dog from Hell", Sesshoumaru follows the dog to kill it but inteands on saving Rin and Kohaku. Sesshoumaru's mother makes a comment that "it can't be helped that some sacrifices are needed for the sword to mature". The next frame shows Rin unconsious and in bad shape. Sesshoumaru's mother mentions that as her son goes on the "Path of Darkness", Rin will die. At the end of the chapter, Kohaku says that Rin is not breathing which leaves Sesshoumaru with a look of disbelief and shock. Sesshoumaru tries to revive her by using Tenseiga, however, he could not see any Pallbearers of the Afterlife. Rin's lifeless body is then taken by the master of Hell but, Sesshoumaru and Kohaku choose to go down the path where there is Rin's scent to rescue her. But, by choosing by this path, both Sesshoumaru and Kohaku lose their only chance of going through the portal which Sesshoumaru's mother created to get back to the real world. Rin appears dead and revival using the Tenseiga is not possible since it can only save someone once (although, Jaken was saved twice. Silly Rumiko xP). Sesshoumaru's mother revives Rin when she, Sesshoumaru and Kohaku return from the Land of the Dead, using her Meidou-stone. She soon wonders by reviving Rin, that it makes her son happy, and Jaken says it does. Sesshoumaru's mother also makes a comment about how he has become like his father.

So you see boys and girls, there's compassion in everyone. It just takes time to find it.