Sesshoumaru » Assaults

Poison Claws: Unlike Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru has more uses for his claws. One, he would go really fast to the target and slash them with the poison. Two, he can grab hold of the target and melt their arm which makes a fizzle noise. Three, the last one, he can even spray his poisonous gas, which he did to Kagome in their Father's tomb and melted the bones behind her and the Tetsusaiga's 'thrown' in a puddle of goo. The name of this attack is Dokkasou which translates to Toxic Flower Claw.

Whip of Light: Also known as Poison Whip, this whip that can paralyze people or poison them a little bit. This is the first technique that Sesshoumaru shows us when he destroyed those pack of wolves. One of the ways he uses it is by putting his pointer and middle finger up while the others are down (like a peace sign) and begins spinning in place switching feet while the whip goes around him in a circle. When a creature will try to touch him, it will be spilt apart and blood will be everywhere. The other way, is to fling it around, like he does to Inuyasha, before of course, concentrating where to fling it at Inuyasha. This ability is not in the manga.

Mokomoko: It looks like a tail but it's not. If it was, he can not take it off, which he does when he meets Rin. Sesshoumaru also used this to wrap it around Inuyasha and then let it unwind and it made Inuyasha fly to the ground. Some people thinks this is hair from his armpit and I doubt that and some say it's a boa and he's a cross dresser. It's none of those. The fur can also extend to great lengths as seen when Sesshoumaru used it knock Tessaiga out of InuYasha's hands. Rumiko has revealed that this is also part of Sesshoumaru's body. His parents have two while he only has one.

demon speed
Demon Speed: As you can see, Sesshoumaru is faster in demon speed since he is a full pledged demon. This makes his form a white blur to the human eye, as well as any other eye out there. This is good to dodge from an attack or charge at demons to do the Toxic Flower Claw attack.

Flight: Yes. He can fly. As long as you believe. Whenever he uses his flight powers for an exended period of time, the leg bottoms of his hakama extend to semi-transparent flowing masses, similar to how one would picture the wind driven cloak of a ghost. However, this does not happen when he chooses to fly upon his dust cloud or ride Ah-Un (who can fly with it's blue flames from their ankles).

Immunity: Sesshoumaru is immune to diseases, poison, gases as well as holy power. One of the many reasons why he was able to enter Mount Hakurei, despite its purification barrier and-being the most powerful barrier in the entire series as it reached and extended throughout the surrounding area of the entire mountain. Although, he was weakened to the degree to not preform Tokijin's signature (as well as his) Kenatsu attack with his battles against Kajotsu and Suikotsu. Another way to see it is when Kagome shot one of her purification arrows at him in Episode 19 and he caught it without getting a scar on either of his fingers when most demons would've been purified. Trying to asorb him won't work either which was tried, and failed, by Naraku. Most of this happens because Sesshoumaru's aura emanates around his body, due to his deomonic purity. Although, the only powers that he isn't immune is to the ones like the Kaze no Kizu which is translated to Wind Scar in English.

Cloud: A red or clear cloud that gathers around his feet to help him transport one place to another.

Orb: Apart from flying, he turns into a shining orb and can go anywhere.