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The current design you see is a quick modified design of the original one that gave problems in all browers and that took two days of work of deciding just how to make a layout that fits him. After going from a cloud/paper layout, I decided to trash that idea. The next day soon rolled in and when I was messing around with patterns, the red one appeared and it clicked automatically. What's ironic is that the color red was originally this site's signature color - I know, quite laughable - back then since it fits him really well: Red for the blood he has spilled. Red for the demon eyes, and red for the flower patterns - which are a bitch to draw.

After spending that entire day making the design in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, I was glad that it was finished as well as making my own design that was coded in Dreamweaver CS4 with XHTML 1.0 Strict as well as CSS 2.1.

The pattern used up above is from Photoshop CS2 itself while the scan of Sesshoumaru was found at some scan site that I forget since it's been more than a year since I've searched for pictures for Sesshoumaru. It's actually the cover used for character songs for an Inuyasha album. The title actually has two different font styles. The S and C are Endor while the rest of the letters are Payprus. Brushes that were used are from Aun Existe Amor.

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Instead of posting about how these came to be, I'll just be posting the images from newest to oldest.

design 29 design 28 design 27 design 26 v15.2 design 25 design 24 design 23 design 22 design 21 design 20 design 19 design 18 design 17 design 16 design 15 design 14 design 13 design 12 design 11 design 10 design 9 design 8 design 7 design 6 design 5 design 4 design 3 design 2