Name: Inu-no-Taisho (It's not his real name, just, what I call him, since they don't give him a name in the anime or the movie. Although, some people say that Touga might be his name.)

Nicknames: Old man, which is what Inuyasha calls him and Sesshoumaru, of course, calls him Father. InuTaisho, Inu-no-Taisho, Touga and Inu-papa are others are well by fans. Sire is what Izayoi calls him for respect.

Name Meanings:
Inu-no-Taisho:Leader of the dogs
Touga:Fighting fang

Voiced by:
Jonathan Holmes(English)
Jon Brown (English Movie)
Outsuka Akio(Japanese Movie)
Ysunori Matsumoto(Japanese Series)

Race: Inuyoukai(dog demon)

Gender: Male

Age: Unkown but he's old.

Birthplace: Western Lands

Identity: The former Western Lord and the father of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha.

Personality: Calm, nice and maybe some humor. I guess, since he fell in love with a human, he became nicer than before.

Appearance: Yes, I have seen him and know what he looks like. He has silver longer hair than his sons, which is in a long ponytail. He has one magenta stripe on each cheek and golden amber eyes, but he has no moon on his forehead. He has armor as well but it looks heavier than Sesshoumaru's. His goes on both of his shoulders that look like armadillo's back with spikes only on the top. In the center, where InuTaisho's heart is, is a red stretched diamond jewel and his sash is red with lightblue lines going first and then more red and then the pattern stops with lightblue at the bottom.


Images are taken from Wikipedia while the info are in my own words.

Yes, finally, we get to see her. She can be seen on volume 47 at the end of chapter 466. Now, all we need is her name xP And yes-she is alive!

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Humaniod Again
Running with her son.

Name: Unknown.

Race: Inuyoukai(dog demon)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unkown

Identity: Mother of Sesshoumaru.

Personality: Well, it seems in the manga that she is cold and uncaring-even to her own son. She thought Sesshoumaru was going to eat Kohaku and Rin.

Appearance: Her hair looks white oo; so, yeah, let's go for that until it's in the anime xD Ahem.....she has the crescent moon on her forehead like Sesshoumaru's and has her own piece of fur-so, that must state she is royalty-well, she is xD On her cheeks are swirly that are dainty-wow-haven't said that-typed that in a long time. In her true form though, she is slimmer, has longer ears and dainty as well. Sorry if it's not that detailed-I try my best :x

Important Information: It hasn't been stated but, the relationship between her and Inu no Taisho fell apart or ended because of Inuyasha's mother, Izayoi (erm...duh? xD). She holds the Meidou-seki that was given to her by Inu no Taisho who told her to use it when Sesshoumaru came to see her. Sesshoumaru does and she tells him that he will face great danger but must not feel fear or sadness. Because of her personality, she doesn't appear very worried either and didn't even tell her son that if he goes into the Meidou, he can never return to the living. This is another one of Inu no Taisho's test for his son. Fun, fun. Oh yes.....she also seems to know about Tenseiga....mmm....ohhh Rumiko? Where are thou? xD



Name: Izayoi

Nicknames:Haha-ue-sama(respect; mother), hime-sama(respect; princess), ofukuro(slang; mother), and okaa-san(mother).

Name Meaning:
Izayoi:16th Phase of the Moon

Voiced by:
Alaina Burnett(English)
Kikuko Inoue(Japanese)

Race: Human

Gender: Female.

Age: 34ish?

Birthplace: Village

Identity: A princess at a village and is very beautiful as well.

Personality: Nice, kind-hearted, and caring woman.

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, and wears expensive looking kimono's, thanks to her ranking and InuTaisho I guess.




Nicknames:Whelp and half-breed is what Sesshoumaru calls him. Dog-face, Mutt-face, and InuTrasha is what Kouga calls him.

Name Meaning:
Dog Spirit

Voiced by:
Richard Cox(English)
Kappei Yamaguchi(Japanese)

Race:Dog/Human or hanyou(half-breed)


Age:200, looks 17

Birthplace:Western Lands

Identity: He is Sesshoumaru's little half-brother and is the 2nd son of InuTaisho. He has his own forest as well.

Personality:Rude, blunt and mean sometimes. He has a foul mouth but later in the series he is getting nicer to his group and Kagome.

Appearance: Silver, back length hair, golden eyes, a red haori that is made of a rat skin and has silver cat-like ears. He also has a subdue rosary around his neck, which he gets on the second episode and when Kagome says the word 'sit', he plunges to the ground face first, which is VERY amusing and this gets fanfics majorly. Some of them will over do it and make it very bad.