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This is where you can see artwork of Sesshoumaru by himself or with others. Have some fanart you want to share? Send it to me by using the form at this page down at the bottom.


1st Attempt:Looking Glass
2nd Attempt:Hiss
3rd Attempt:Wasting Time
4th Attempt:Running?
5th Attempt:Watching
6th Attempt:Slumber
7th Attempt:Thinking
Eye Transformation: Page 1
Eye Transformation: Final Page
Doodle of True Form
Can't Resist
Cartoon Doll-ized
Colored Sketch
Halloween 2006


In a Colourless World


Sexy Pose
Sexy Profile

Mistress Yume

Closeup of True Form


Raw: Mother and Son
Toned: Mother and Son
Colored: Mother and Son

Christine Bucholz

Sesshomaru Again
Sesshomaru Once Again
Sesshomaru with Tokijin
Sesshomaru & Rin
Sesshomaru Protects Rin
Sesshomaru Closeup