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Name: Jaken

Name Meanings: Wicked Perspective

Nicknames: Jaken-sama or Lord Jaken is what Rin calls him.

Voiced by:
Don Brown (English)
Yu-ichi Nagashima (Japanese)

Species: Imp Yōkai?

Age: Unknown.

Identity: Well, he's Inuyasha's older half brother's retainer/servant in the anime and manga. He also watches Rin all the time as well.

Personality: He's the grumpy, scared of Sesshoumaru and comical relief character on the show.

Appearance: He has light green colored skin with big yellow eyes that have small pupils in the middle. He wears a brown kimono/robe and has a small, kind of pointy, black hat. He also carries the Staff of Two Skulls, which is pretty cool I must say, but that's his only protection he has in the show/manga.

Relation with Sesshoumaru: Not much is told in the manga in the anime on Episode 134 it shows when Jaken met Sesshoumaru and he says, "So beautiful!" Jaken soon followed Sesshomaru, who allowed him to become his servant if Jaken could use the Staff of Two Heads. Jaken looks up to Sesshoumaru a lot and is refered to his retainer and servant-which may be the same. It seems like he won't even betray Sesshoumaru, no matter what Sesshoumaru does to him.