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Name: Sesshoumaru / 殺生丸 / Sesshōmaru
Name Meaning: Destruction Man.
(Stated in InuYasha character guide).
Age: 700 demon years; 19 human years.
(This info is stated later in the manga.)
Species: Inugami daiyokai
Title:: Lord of the Western Lands.

Sesshoumaru is a very powerful and deadly demon in the series. The size of his pride is like the world itself and views humans as filth since his father had stooped down to mate with one (InuYasha's mother). Some people view him as a villian but Sesshoumaru is actually an anti-hero of the series since he eventually kills off Naraku with Bakusaiga. He is highly feared by others who see him, especially humans, while cocky demons think they have a chance to kill him. However, Sesshoumaru is cocky himself since he has a lot of confidence himself and doesn't see the Shokon Jewel of value.

His personality is known to be the following: Indifferent, aloof, cruel, merciless and emotionless. He has shown many of these examples in the series towards other humans and even his own half brother, InuYasha, whom he detests. Despite this silly composure of his, which has no clear explanation on why he is like this, it starts to crumble because of a human girl named Rin, who had saved him after he was injured by Tetssaiga's Wind Scar. However, she is the human that he tolerates along with Kohaku later on. Rin isn't the only one that he had saved since he had saved Kagome, Miroku, and Sango from the poison Mokotsu on his way to Mount Kousei. When confronted, he had replied with, "I only killed someone who got in my way".

So, in all, Sesshoumaru is a demon who can show compassion to anyone if he wants to since he is stubborn, has a lot of pride, and yet quite deadly.