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Tenseiga: This sword translates to Heavenly Life Fang and was given to him by his father. Like its name, it can revive 100 lives in one swing, for someone who has the heart to truly cherish others. This sword is the brother to the Tetsusaiga and is the Yang (light) and the Tetsusaiga is the Ying (dark). Sesshoumaru doesn't understand why his father gave this sword to him instead of the Tetsusaiga. But this sword did do something right that was right since it saved Sesshoumaru from dying and heal Goshinki's head so Kaijinbou could make a sword out of its teeth which broke the Tetsusaiga. On a side note, Tenseiga unleashes divine energy to the enemies of the user since it is the Sword of Heaven, as opposite to the the inner energy of demons (yoki) that is unleased by Sesshomaru or the holy power of people like Miroku and Kagome. In chapter 470, it has been said by Sesshoumaru's mother that a person (demon or human alike) cannot be revived by this word more than once (Jaken has been revived twice by the sword...silly Rumiko). He realises this when Rin, already dead (explanation why here), is not responding to Tenseiga and vice versa. But, at the end of chapter 471, Sesshoumaru's mother revives Rin using the Meidou-stone after leaving the Land of the dead (Heh, sounds like hell to me). After Rin is alive once again, she asks Jaken if Sesshoumaru is pleased Rin is alive again. He replies that Sesshoumaru is indeed pleased that Rin is alive.

Its abilities are...

  • Healing Cut: - The very ability that restories life by cutting the pale-bearers who can be seen by the holder that take the souls of the dead. Sesshoumaru's father has used this to revive Izayoi after she is killed. Sesshoumaru has used this upon Rin and Jaken. This ability can also cut Magatsuhi, the manifestation of the evil yōkai with whom Midoriko battles inside the jewel.

  • Protective Barrier: - As the name suggests, it protects Sesshoumaru when he is in danger.

  • Access to the Netherworld: - This ability allows Sesshoumaru to venture into the Netherworld through the Border of the Afterlife since Tenseiga isn't a sword from Earth.

  • Meido Zangetsuha Ha - After it is reforged by Totosai (who is prompted by Tenseiga since it felt feelings of fury and sadness in Sesshoumaru's heart for Kagura. Also, it was forged because, as a cast off of Tetsusaiga, it had the Meidou attack, and it needed to be reforged to have access to the attack. On Sesshoumaru's first try using this attack, it surprised Totosai that Sesshoumaru sucessfully preformed it. Sesshoumaru will slash at the enemy, which will create a black crescent shaped-gap in the world of the living that will send the cut enemy directly to hell. In the beginning, it will take shape of a crescent, resembling a crescent moon. Totosai claims that when Sesshoumaru goes through enough training, he will be able to make the gap into a complete circle that resembles a full moon. Although, Sesshoumaru appears to start mastering the technique by enlarging the crescent shape before moving to the full circle shape. Sesshoumaru can also do this attack from a distance and finally masters it it in chapter 470 when he purified many dead bodies. Also, Tenseiga needs to be close to Tetsusaiga to launch a "full moon" Meidou Zangetsuha, otherwise, it's just a crescent moon. Tenseiga has lost this technique when Sesshomaru broke it sword over Tessaiga so that Tessaiga could absorb the Meidou Zangetsuha. (Some of this info is credited to my friend Roadkill.)

Bakusaiga: This sword translates to Explosive Crushing Fang and appears in Chapter 518 in the manga. This sword was already made and was actually inside of Sesshoumaru because it is made from his demonic power. Totousai says that it also means that Sesshoumaru has finally surpassed his father, which is what he wanted in the beginning, and stands as his own daiyōkai. Another reason was that Sesshoumaru had stopped trying to go after Tessaiga and that alone had developed his inner strength. The sword is one of the two yōkai swords in the series to not be forged from a fang. After Naraku is defeated three years later, it is seen being carried by Sesshoumaru.

Its abilities are...

  • Decomposition: Continuing to destroy the flesh of anything it cuts and sealing abilities like regeneration.

  • Destructive Wave: A very desctructive attack that kills thousands of demons. The limit of how many he can kill is unknown.

Shattered Sword

Tokijin: (Toukijin in Japanese) [Broken. Replaced by Bakusaiga] This sword translates to Fighting Fierce God and Kaijinbou forged it for Sesshoumaru since Totousai wouldn't do so when Sesshoumaru asked him. However, Kaijinbou was done, he was taken over by Toukijin's evil aura that was lusting for the blood of Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru overpowered Toukijin's evil aura, which surprised Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Totousai. When it was broken while battling Moryomaru, the broken pieces are abandoned since Sesshoumaru had no more interest in it since it couldn't defeat Moryomaru.

Its abilities are...

  • Kenatsu (Sword Pressure) - This is the first attack we see when Sesshoumaru uses it against Inuyasha. They are yellow-needle like attacks that go really fast to the enemy. Of course, every sword has a beginning stage. When Sesshoumaru fully mastered the sword, it now releases a blue wave of energy that completely disintegrates the enemy. However, the strength of this attack depends on how it is unleashed by Sesshoumaru. Reguarly, it shoots beams of blue light, but when Sesshoumaru utilizes its full potential, it comes out in a form of parallel blue trails of energy that is similiar to how Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu is released. In Sesshoumaru's first battle with Moryomaru, it is stated that this ability is not just based off of Toukijin's base power, it is mixed with Sesshoumaru's yoki (inner power of a demon)

  • Soryuha (Dragon Strike) - This appears in the third Inuyasha movie, as well as the fourth. But, it appears differently as well. It's the same level of Tetsusaiga's attack, Bakuryuha, and when it's released in the third movie, blue lightning stabs at the earth and carries their destructive force to the enemy. In the fourth movie, it takes form of a dragon right before destorying the enemy. This attack is very unique to the other attacks by the Kaze no Kizu, Kongoshoa (Moryomaru's attack), and Meido Zangetsuha, it can be used being on both Toukijin and Tenseiga. Another sweet fact - as well as unique - is that Sesshoumaru doesn't always have to swing the sword. He can just hold it horizonatally and command it by saying, "Soryuha (Dragon Strike," outloud, like he does in the third movie. Although, Toukijin being "only an oni's fang," this attack cannot be used repeatedly.

Ex-Wanted Sword

Tetsusaiga: (Tessaiga in Japanese) This sword translates to Iron Pulverizing Fang or Iron Cleaving Fang. This sword is for Inuyasha, but for some reason, Inuyasha couldn't pull out Tetsusaiga out of its 'lair' but somehow Kagome could, which shocked Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and Jaken! Sesshoumaru wants this sword badly but whoever has feelings or has a need to protect a human, they can use it, which is not him. This sword can kill 100 demons in one swing.

Why did their father make this sword as well as it's opposite twin, Tenseiga? Just for trophies? No, it was for the protection of Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother, because she couldn't protect herself and it was InuTaisho's feelings that made these two swords. So, humans are not that bad are they? I guess Sesshoumaru is wrong, for once in his life and doesn't realize it. Sesshoumaru has no more interest to have this sword since he now has Bakusaiga, which have proved to be more powerful.