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Who are you?

I am a 21 year old girl that is a high school graduate in Texas and absolutely love Sesshoumaru and other anime/manga shows/characters.

Why Sesshoumaru?

He's a very interesting character. Not because of his looks but I wanted to know more about him and his mysterious character. It's very hard for me to explain why but it's mostly because how he is that I wanted to make a site about him my own way.

Where did he come from?

He came from the anime show/manga, Inuyasha, which is a story about a half-breed demon who is hated by humans and demons and is set back 500 years in Fuedual Japan and a miko (priestess) called Kagome joins him to hunt down the scattered jewel shards because she was the one who shattered it with her arrow. If you want to learn more about him click here or, if you want to learn more about the show itself, there's a lot of sites out there about it. Also, this manga/anime is owned by Rumiko Takashi, who is very popular for her works and Inuyasha is her biggest one.

Why did you call it Sesshoumaru's Castle?

I called this shrine/site/domain Sesshoumaru's Castle because no one else used it or had the name for a Sesshoumaru site so I typed this in. And, yes, I know that he doesn't really have one in the manga or in the anime.

How come I see different spellings for him?

Because of the way those who pronounce it. In English, you don't need the u since it's silent, or something, but, for Japanese, you do for it to mean what it means (Which is here). There are many variations, for example: Sesshomaru<--this is the most common but guess what, it means nothing. Now Sesshoumaru is the right way. You have to have that u for a reason. But, of course, I'm not making you change it. Here's how other people spell his name:

  • -Sessho-maru (Don't even know why, but, I've seen them in stories.)
  • -Shesshomaru (I guess he's too sexy for one h.)
  • -Sessomaru (Some people just forget the h)
  • -Sessomarahu (Close. Just scrabble a word and delete one. This is how my friend told me to say it and she then told me the right way.)
  • -Sesimoaru (I don't know where they got this spelling but, I've seen something close to it.)
  • -Sesshomaru (The ever so popular one, because of English translation. I don't use it anymore. I now got used to the other way.)
  • -Sesshoumaru (Yay! Perfecto!)

Do you hate Inuyasha?

Mostly yes.


It goes too slow for me-as well as the manga, since basically it's the same thing over and over again. Another reason is because of the pairing that really gets me on the edge. Personally, I think Inuyasha should just make up his mind.

Is that why you're a Sess/Kago shipper?

Kind of. I'm a very open-minded person and will accept weird pairings. It's very rare for me to like the canon pairings since I absolutely love challenges.

Can I 'get' some of your 'stuff' on my 'site'?

It depends on which 'stuff' you want from my site. You can get the pictures in the media section by right clicking and click on 'Save As'. For the coding, go on ahead and get it but modify it to fit your site since that's how I learned.

Can I affiliate/link exchange with you?


Hey! You didn't accept me :(

I'm sorry. What I look for in sites is organization. You don't want your visitors to be lost. A neat layout would be good too. Truth is, I hate denying people since I do know how hard it is to maintain a website.

Can I direct link your stuff for my site?

No! It will give me a lot of bandwidth so save it to your own drive and upload it yourself. I sometimes use Photobucket and Imageshack to upload my layouts/pictures that might eat up to much space on here.

Do you update often?

Not much now since the manga is completed. I'll probably add some graphics here and there.

How did you make this site? And what programs did you use?

By reading tutorials here. I use Dreamweaver CS4 to code and use FireFTP to upload them to the server. To make the graphics, I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

What does Sesshoumaru's mother look like?

Well, you're in luck! You can read it here! She has been finally revealed!

I heard from this site that his mother's name is ____.

That doesn't mean it's right or official. If it's not from Rumiko herself, then it's moot.

Sesshoumaru is MINE MINE MINE! You can't HAVE HIM!

I've been seeing this, or something close, on other sites. Well, for those with those on their website, hate to break it to you but you are wrong! He belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, not you.